About CG Garments

CG Garments is owned and operated by Lori Griffiths. Lori is well known in the MD community and was awarded the 2016 and 2017 Marvelous Designer Evangelist title (MD stopped awarding after 2017). Her other projects include the following:

Fearless Makers Academy - Classes on Marvelous Designer

Understanding Marvelous Designer: A Guide for CG Artists - A Web-Book

Marvelous Designer User Help Forum - A place for users to ask and answer questions about MD

Lori's YouTube Channel - Free Videos

Lori is a highly skilled Marvelous Designer user and has created everything you find available on CG Garments. She wanted to create high-quality garments for MD users that may not have the time or experience to create them from scratch. Since these are MD files, you can load them into the program and make modifications to fit your specific needs.

All the products available on CG Garments are currently MD project files. This may change in the future, possibly offering complete garment files not requiring MD to use, such as OBJ or FBX.